I’m stuck in bed with nothing to do but the three gorgeous brothers who insist on taking care of me.

    After breaking my leg saving a child, a very grateful hot single dad invites me to recover at the home he shares with his equally hot brothers. There’s no way I can climb three flights to my new apartment, so what can I do but accept?

    The three men taking care of me are all different, but I’m drawn to each in spite of myself.

    Spencer, the devoted father, treats me like a queen. The chemistry between us is off the charts, but could I be mistaking his gratitude for desire?

    Raphael uses his fitness knowledge to help me with my physical therapy. His touch drives me wild, but there’s something from his past holding him back.

    Last is Flynn, the grumpy, reclusive wood worker who’s skilled at using his massive tools. At first, he keeps his distance, but he always knows exactly what I need.

    My slow recuperation gives me time to get to know these amazing men who make me feel alive in ways I never thought possible. But once I’m on my feet again, I have a choice to make. Should I stay with this newfound family or return to the career path I thought I wanted?