I can’t choose one of the hunky triplets.
    I love all my stepbrothers.
    And they love me.

    My mom brought me up to share her values, and to save myself for the right man.
    I’ve always respected her wishes, but now I’m in trouble.
    I’m involved with three men, each of whom are ‘Mr. Right’.
    And, here’s the real rub – they’re my older stepbrothers!

    The triplets look after me in every way.
    Adam’s the romantic one, always full of passion for life that he transfers into delicious, decadent feasts as king of the kitchen.
    Ben, born a few minutes after Adam, is the most protective of my virtue. Sort of… Ben’s definition of ‘virgin’ has a LOT of leeway!
    He’s fun, dances divinely, is a great kisser, and a cunning linguist as well.
    Carl’s my BFF, and the one with whom I can truly share my most intimate secrets. But he constantly taunts me with his hot, muscled body! What’s a girl to do?
    I love them all and can’t choose between them.
    Which is fine by them!
    They’re all about having fun with me, regardless of the consequences.

    Not every woman meets her soulmate.
    Lucky me, I’ve met three!

    Mom will think I’ve gone from good girl to slut, if she ever finds out the truth!
    She thinks I have to save myself for one man who loves me.
    If one is good, isn’t three better?