Trapped by a storm with the men who made my high school years a misery should be a nightmare.

    Six years ago, Axel and Micah taunted me mercilessly. Now, I have no time or interest in the guys who want a second chance: no matter how charming, hunky, and gorgeous they’ve become.

    Axel Stevenson has gone from mean-guy to a creative screenwriter. He’s partners with Micah Walsh, my former enemy, who is now an aspiring actor.

    They want to apologize and take me as their leading lady and despite my reservations, we seem to have so much in common. Not only that, there is an insane level of chemistry bubbling between us.

    But this is just a brief visit to backwater Georgia for me.

    I have a career in L.A., making costumes for period dramas and superhero shows. I’ve made a life for myself away from the small town where I struggled to fit in.

    But a ruckus changes everything.

    It seems that Axel and Micah aren’t the only men interested in me.

    Apparently, some people require a unique cosplay outfit so much they’re willing to kidnap a historical seamstress.

    Now my former bullies need to turn into rescuers.

    Will they find me in time, before I get hurt, or worse?

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