• the reunion

    Trapped in a storm with two hot guys from my past, we can’t escape our hidden desires.

    I kept my high school crush on Cameron and Hugh a secret because it was impossible to decide who I liked best.

    When I left our small town for the big city, seeking fame and fortune and a career in fashion, I tried to forget about them.

    It didn’t work.

    Six years later, we meet again at a reunion when I return to our small hometown for a friend’s wedding.

    A storm forces us to shelter together, and my old feelings come flooding back.

    Ever optimistic, Cameron is committed to the local community, and he doesn’t delay risking his safety to help others affected by the storm.

    Hugh’s still the down-to-earth realist, but he’s now an investigative journalist always seeking truth and justice.

    They’re both good guys with hearts of gold. Hearts that pound for the same woman: Me.

    The disaster turns into a second chance for us all to be honest about how we feel.

    A hot night of passion leads to an indecent proposal that would change my life completely. I’m tempted: boy, I’m so tempted.

    In the cold light of day, reality sets in.

    The biggest once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is waiting for me in LA. It would launch my fashion career into the stratosphere. But I’d have to turn my back on this second chance at love.

    Is there any way I can have it all?

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