Cooper and Nolan went from being my secret lovers to my sworn enemies after a stunt they pulled back in high school.

    When they got caught out, they let me take the fall, but I knew nothing about their scheme.

    I left home to get away from the scandal. After graduating from fashion school I forged a new life for myself as a curvy model and fashion designer. I have a life and career over a thousand miles away in L.A.

    Six years later, when I return to our small town, I still haven’t forgiven them.
    But I can’t resist the chemistry between us, and before I know it, I’m back at their ranch like nothing has changed.

    EXCEPT everything has changed.
    They are men now.
    Big men with mighty appetites.
    Strong, responsible men with a huge ranch to work.
    Insatiable ranchers who want to do new and amazing things with me. To me.

    I barely have time to think about a future with them when a storm hits the town and my dearest friend goes missing.
    Can we find Jasmine?
    And will our small town ever accept the fresh start we all crave?

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