• Taken by the bikers

    A good girl does her duty. A bad girl does the sexy bikers who kidnap her.

    To my ambitious politician father, I’m a disappointment. I’m not pretty enough, not thin enough, not radiant enough–not perfect enough to bolster his ambitions.

    The Screaming Eagles MC is the largest motorcycle club in the city, and as the mayor, my father has declared war. He blames them for everything wrong in this city, and he’s counting on his tough-on-crime stance and his new anti-biker task force to launch him into the running for senator.

    But the Screaming Eagles have had enough. To send him a message he can’t ignore, they snatch me away from our home in the dead of night. If Dad wants me back safely, he’s going to have to dissolve the task force and step down.

    The last thing I should be is attracted to my captors. I’m pajamas and hot chocolate while reading a good book–they’re leather and grit and the danger I’ve always been warned to keep away from.

    But Wild Child, with his tattoos and piercings, has me crossing limits I had never imagined.

    Hero’s dark eyes flash as he pleasures me like he knows me better than I know myself.

    King terrifies me and has scars where none can see, but when he whispers dirty orders into my ears, I can’t resist them.

    And when my father decides to use my abduction for his own political gain, the guys are the ones who show me what real integrity and strength looks like.

    Maybe it’s time I stopped being a good girl.