After being dumped at a strip club during my bachelorette party, I didn’t expect to be rescued by four hot-as-sin men who work there.

    One moment, I’m staring at the gorgeous twin strippers up on stage. The next, I’m reading a devastating text from my fiancé. I moved across the country for that jerk, and now I have nowhere to go.

    Then four men step in to dry my tears. They invite me to the house they share and take care of me. I should be mourning the end of my engagement, but instead I’m mesmerized by my new roommates. They strip me of my defenses and tease me with their incredible bodies.

    Austin and Denver, the twin stripping sensations, have identical ripped physiques but opposite personalities. Tonio, the tall, dark, and handsome bartender, is working his way through business school. And Knox, the bouncer, is a mountain of a man whose quiet demeanor hides deep thoughts.

    They’re all different, but united on one front: they’re in no hurry for me to leave. It sounds crazy, but I feel more at home with these men than I ever did with my ex. Being in their arms and in their beds awakens sensations and feelings I’ve never experienced. Soon the exhilaration turns into something more for all of us.

    Then an unexpected opportunity for the twins threatens to separate the men I love. Can I find the strength to keep us all together?

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