• Steel 7

    Seven bodyguards are hired to keep me safe, but I want so much more than their protection.
    It’s my first world tour, and my record company is nervous. They’ve crafted my innocent image and focused on marketing my appearance ahead of my talent, so they shouldn’t be surprised at the dangers I’m facing. Girls like me are magnets for stalkers.
    When Steel 7 Security is employed to safeguard my trip, I expect my bodyguards to be middle-aged ex-cops with donut-bellies.
    My seven bodyguards couldn’t be more different.
    Connor, Elijah, Ben, Asher, Jax, Hudson, and Mo are huge, powerful ex-military men with bodies made to protect and an impeccably rigorous attitude to my safety. They have nerves of steel, their eyes are watchful, and their attitudes are professional, but I can’t help noticing how their gazes linger on my body and I can’t help feeling the electricity between us whenever we’re together.
    They’re a team of specialists, hired to protect me. They know better than to fall for someone they’re supposed to keep safe. But with every glance, every accidental touch, every word, I can feel their steely exteriors melting away.
    They’re with me through the lonely days and long nights on the road. I can’t hide beneath my well-crafted veneer when they’re with me twenty-four hours a day. Slowly, they make me feel like nothing can ever touch me apart from them.
    I know it’s risky. If the press discovers our secret, my image will shatter, and their careers will be over, but their magnetic pull is too strong to resist.
    How can they protect me when the connection between us is the very thing that puts me in danger?