• sparked

    Amber Paulson plays by the rules: work hard, get good grades, and stay out of trouble.

    She’s not looking for a boyfriend; her top priority is passing chemistry so she doesn’t lose her scholarship. Aidan Holt doesn’t care if people call him a manwhore.

    He’s the lead singer for the hottest band in town, and if women fall all over themselves to sleep with him, who is he to say no? He doesn’t do relationships, but he knows how to show his many willing fans a good time.

    When Amber goes to the campus learning center for help, she’s shocked to see that her chemistry tutor is the impossibly sexy guy she’d just met that weekend. The one who got her hot and bothered within ten minutes of meeting him — right before he went onstage and seduced an adoring crowd with his voice.

    A guy who takes home a different girl every night is the last person Amber wants to share her first time with. But the spark between them is hard to resist — and Aidan isn’t one to give up easily.

    The last thing either of them expects to do is fall in love …