• sold to the bikers

    Sold! One innocent young woman to three dangerously sexy bikers!

    When three big, tattooed bikers buy me from the auction block, it sends shivers of fear and excitement down my spine. Trading my innocence is the only way to guarantee my sister’s safety, but men like them could eat a good girl like me alive.

    If I’m lucky.

    I’ve heard all the stories about the Screaming Eagles MC and how they rule South Side with an iron fist, so I expect the worst, never imagining that Quickshot, Badass and Animal are about to become my very unlikely heroes.

    They are men on a mission and tonight, their mission is me.

    Quickshot has grown up in the club, going from reckless prospect to the kind of man who can cooly put a bullet between your eyes from a block away. But when he has me in his hands, his easy smile and his pale blue gaze makes the violence under his surface easy to forget. His icy confidence and clever touch turn me burning hot.

    Badass lives up to his name, an ex-MMA fighter who’s never met a problem he can’t solve with his fists. He’s rough and brutal, but fiercely loyal to those he loves. Especially to Animal, the younger brother Badass was helpless to defend when he needed it most. Rough in life and rough in bed, he knows exactly how to drive me right up to the edge before he sends me over it like a rollercoaster.

    Animal won’t talk about his past, but it’s clear his scars run far more than skin deep. He’s passionate and reckless, living each day like it might be his last. In everything he does, he puts all of himself into it. Including me. Every night with him is a wild ride that leaves me breathless.

    Being theirs keeps me safe for now, but I can’t forget why I was at the auction to begin with, and the Screaming Eagles can’t let this sort of operation go unchecked in their city. This goes much deeper than a simple transaction, and by the time it’s all over, I won’t want them to let me go.