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    Three reclusive brothers, two dark secrets, and a curious golden-haired woman who’s the key to unlocking their destiny.

    When a midnight call takes me to a mysterious house in a deep, dark wood, I find a forbidden secret behind a closed door that could be the key to unlocking my darkest desires.

    When I uncover the room of pleasure and punishment, I want to surrender to experiences I’ve only ever imagined.

    But the imposing, handsome triplets who live there have bigger plans for me and an even bigger secret.

    Robert Bjorn is calm, brooding, and enigmatic. With whiskey eyes and lips that never smile, his fantasies perfectly match mine, but he wants more than I’m willing to give.

    Evan Bjorn is unrestrained and funny, the lightness to his brothers’ stoic reserve. He takes nothing seriously except his desire to make me theirs.

    Hunter Bjorn is the eldest and fiercest. He eyes me with feral hunger and speaks in riddles that drive me insane. But his protectiveness makes me feel safe in a world suddenly filled with danger.

    When I discover they’ve been hiding their true natures, I’m faced with a choice.

    Return to my life, which is now more perilous than I could ever have imagined, or make a deal with three huge bear shifters who believe I’m their fated mate.

    Will anything ever be just right again?

    This is a BDSM modern fairy tale retelling of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” featuring three bear shifters and their very curious, fated mate!