It’s my first day of graduate school and I’m mistakenly assigned to the men’s dorm!

    I don’t want to live with three strange guys. That is until I take a tour of the suite. Once I see the huge living room, the study nook, the fireplace, and the balcony, there’s no way I’m moving out.

    But the suite has nothing on the hot-as-hell men themselves.

    Jude is a talented musician, and my initial attraction to him triples when I see him perform with his band. Mason is an arrogant engineering student and talented tennis player who wears very little in the suite—not that I’m complaining! Parker’s the youngest of the three and is nursing a broken heart. His sad, soulful brown eyes make me want to go to any length to cheer him up.

    Sleeping in the same room as three men feels strange at first, but the guys prove that they know how to treat a woman in the bedroom and out of it. Plus it’s exciting sneaking around, trying not to get caught. But then we have too much fun to worry about caution. When they find out I spend my summers mixing drinks, they set up a bar. Soon, we’re operating an unofficial nightclub that’s a big hit with our fellow students.

    The extra money helps a lot, and I love every minute I’m with Parker, Mason, and Jude—at least until I realize that our actions could get us thrown out of the dorm and endanger my scholarship.

    But the biggest risk is to my heart, because I’m falling hard for three incredible men who aren’t looking for anything more than a dorm room fling. Or are they?