A collection of three full-length MFM second-chance romance novels set at a small town reunion that is troubled by a severe storm. The stories feature forced proximity, enemies to lovers, fabulous friends, and families to be won over, along with some tense moments and a sense of danger.

    The Reunion
    I kept my high school crush on Cameron and Hugh a secret because it was impossible to decide who I liked best.

    Now, trapped in a storm with two hot guys, we can’t escape our hidden desires.

    The biggest once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is waiting for me in LA. It would launch my fashion career into the stratosphere. But I’d have to leave this small town.

    Is there any way I can have it all?

    The Ranch
    Cooper and Nolan went from being my secret lovers to my sworn enemies after a stunt they pulled back in high school. I left home to get away from the scandal.

    Six years later, when I return to our small town, I can’t resist the chemistry between us, and before I know it, I’m back at their ranch like nothing has changed.

    Will our small town ever accept the fresh start we all crave?

    The Ruckus

    In high school, Axel and Micah taunted me mercilessly. Now, I have no time or interest in the guys who want a second chance: no matter how charming, hunky, and gorgeous they’ve become.
    I have a career in L.A., making costumes for period dramas and superhero shows. I’ve made a life for myself away from the small town where I struggled to fit in.

    Now my former bullies need to turn into rescuers. They aren’t the only men interested in me. Apparently, some people require a unique cosplay outfit so much they’re willing to kidnap a historical seamstress.

    Will my former bullies become heroes before I get hurt or worse?

    This collection features three MFM second-chance romance stories with happy-ever-after endings.

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