• multiple love 2 – Series books 4-6

    A Boxset of three Amazon Bestselling Reverse Harem Romances.

    Deep 6 – I’m not expecting to see my ex when I pull up at the car repair shop. He left my body wrecked and my heart bruised and if he wasn’t surrounded by five other hot mechanics, I’d call out his terrible behavior. When six men want to get deep with me, facing up to the ghosts of my past might just be impossible.

    Steel 7 -Seven bodyguards are hired to keep me safe, but I want so much more than their protection. They know better than to fall for someone they’re supposed to guard. But with every glance, every accidental touch, every word, I can feel their steely exteriors melting away.

    Inked 8 -When I start a new job as the Ink Factor tattoo parlor receptionist, I get a whole different level of work experience. The eight huge, sexy, tattooed owners overhear me talking about my lack of bedroom experience and offer to help me in a strictly educational way. Eight men, eight kinks, how many Mr Rights?

    The MULTIPLE LOVE SERIES features relatable characters who unexpectedly find their happily-ever-afters in unconventional reverse harem relationships. Each story stands alone, but there are character connections among the books.