• MR. OMG


     When I hear his voice…Oh My Goodness…

     The Big O has always been a big flop for me until I hear Mr. OMG on the radio. Let’s just say his dulcet tones and my finger make enough magic together that I see stars. For the first time ever! 

    I call his show and ask for advice on my failing love life, and he tells me I need to loosen up and have some fun.

     That’s easier said than done until I meet Cole.

     I tell myself he’s just an arrogant, frat boy with a bad attitude and way too much sex appeal. But there’s something about him that I can’t ignore.

     Mom tells me he’s going to be my stepbrother, and it’s just another reason to keep him at arm’s length.

     But when Cole touches me, I’m calling out OMG for all the right reasons. And when he holds me, I feel like we could be made for each other.

     I need to protect my heart the way I always have, and I try, but Mr. OMG has other plans for me that I might not be able to resist.


     Want me to dirty-talk you into the big O? Just listen to my show.

     And if that’s not enough, I’ll show you precisely what a man needs to do to bring a woman to her knees.

     I don’t want to be at this ridiculous frat party, and I certainly don’t deserve to get yelled at by a rude girl in a sparkly purple dress.

     But when she pushes me away, I know I’ll do anything to get in her bed.

     And when I find out she’s forbidden fruit in the form of my stepsister, I want her even more.

     I tell myself I’m only looking to fill her mouth with something other than sass, but it turns out my little spitfire has way more to her than meets the eye.

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