My arranged marriage to a mafia boss is scandalous enough, even before he shares me with his brothers…

    Massimo Moretti is handsome. Powerful. Dangerous. And my fiancé. The first time I lay eyes on him is at our engagement party, and he immediately whisks me away to the mansion he shares with his two brothers.

    He thinks I’m a spoiled mafia princess, but he doesn’t know how sheltered my life has been. My parents never let me date. Rarely let me out at all, in fact. And now that I’m betrothed, I’ll never fall in love with a man of my own choosing.

    But as I grow to resent my gilded cage, Massimo makes me a surprising offer. Until the wedding, I’m free to make up for my lack of experience with his brothers, as long as they don’t claim my innocence, which belongs only to him. You’d think a controlling, domineering man like Massimo would be jealous, but he’s not—at least until my chemistry with his brothers ignites into an inferno.

    Carmine, the middle brother, is Massimo’s right-hand man and my bodyguard. Though protective, he shows me more of the world than anyone ever has. I should be afraid of this deadly, ruthless man, but instead, I’m drawn to him.

    Stefano the youngest brother, wants nothing to do with the family business, but like me, he doesn’t have a choice. When we’re alone together, his touch drives all worries from my mind. 

    Then there’s Massimo himself. He controls Chicago’s illicit underworld with an iron fist, and he’s the same way in our marital bed. But once he finally opens up, I begin to see him as a man who lives by a code, like my father. 

    But then a devastating discovery makes me question everything I know about the Moretti men. Could falling for them lead to anything but heartache?