• lawless

    He’s a lawless criminal, a thug…and my long-lost stepbrother.

    The last person I expect to see in a police interview room is my stepbrother. He was my best friend when we were kids, but now he’s a big, tattooed, cocky stranger, and I don’t know what to do. When our eyes meet across the interview room, I know I’ll do anything to set him free, but he warns me that it’s too dangerous to get mixed up in his lawless life.
    How can I stay away, when all my memories of loving him in the past have become tangled in the present?

    On the outside, I’ve crafted an image to help me blend in: tattoos and muscles, street clothes, and a scowl. I’ve modeled myself on the man I despise most, and I’m stuck in a world I don’t want to be in because there’s nothing for me outside of this. But then Sammie walks back into my life, and nothing feels the same. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and innocent and I know I shouldn’t want her that way, but I do. Just one touch and I can’t get my stepsister out of my mind.
    She wants me to escape my life of crime, but the devil won’t let either of us go without a fight.