• INKED 8

    What begins as a kinky game ends up as something else entirely.

    When I start a new job as the Ink Factor tattoo parlor receptionist, I have no idea what to expect. My skin is virgin, so I’ve never stepped foot into a place like it. But it’s not the graffitied walls or the crazy loud music that overwhelms me; it’s the eight huge, sexy, tattooed men who own it.

    Dex and Lex are twins with pierced tongues, wicked grins, and snake tattoos that disappear beneath their waistbands to goodness knows where.
    Nash, Niall, and Noah are triplets who have marked their skin to make their gorgeous jacked bodies less identical.
    Kase and Kole are dark and mysterious, watching everything I do with a mix of suspicion and fascination.
    And Carl is the boss. With ice blue eyes and hair like a Viking, he makes my knees weak every time he gives me an order.

    They hire me to sort out their admin. I spend my days trying to stay professional and my nights tangled in dreams filled with men of ink and sin. But it’s when they overhear me talking to a friend about my lack of bedroom experience that things get really interesting.

    They offer to help in a strictly educational kind of way. They each have a different kink, and they’re confident they can help me figure out what I like. They treat it like a game, telling me to score them on satisfaction and technique. A little more experience will help me find Mr. Right-For-Me. At least that’s what they say.

    Except, each night I spend with them makes me more confused.

    You see, my problem is that I don’t want to find someone else. I think I want them all.