• HUGE X2

    There are rumors going around about my twin stepbrothers. HUGE rumors.
    I try to ignore gossip, but it’s easier said than done when it involves reports about the size of things that a stepsister should know nothing about.
    Ethan and Nathan are the identically gorgeous hunks of man-flesh that have just moved into my house. I could barely look at them before the rumors, with their ridiculously twinkly blue eyes and smiles that turn me into a mindless puddle of goo.
    We’re supposed to be family, and I’m trying my hardest to be a welcoming stepsister. But then I overhear them talking about things I am definitely not supposed to know, and suddenly I realize I’m in double trouble.
    HUGE X2 is the story of a girl’s realization that the best things in life come in extra-large twin packs. HEA guaranteed!