• HUGE X10

    Ten cowboys need a wife…am I crazy to volunteer?
    Imagine having a whole harem of rugged, handsome cowboys to take care of you in every possible way. Who wouldn’t want ten men to satisfy their every need and pleasure them in ways they haven’t even thought of?
    I dream about it and wake up in a hot, flustered sweat, frustrated as hell because how does an ordinary girl like me find a harem? It’s not like they’re available to purchase at the supermarket.
    I consider advertising for men interested in trying a polyamorous relationship, but dating sites are awful at the best of times.
    Then my best friend Laura and her harem of 10 Men feature in a reality TV show, and everything changes.
    Let’s just say there are ten cowboys who need a feminine touch at their ranch, and I might just be the girl for the job.
    William, Walker, and Wade are triplets with sunkissed hair and honey colored eyes.
    Tommy and Trent are filled with the kind of country charm I can’t get enough of.
    Twins, Xsander and Xane, know how to make a girl feel at home.
    Zack is quiet and brooding, but his eyes drift over me like I’m a fertile field he wants to plow.
    York, the vet, is great with his hands, and Samuel has secrets that linger behind his intense gaze.
    Each rugged cowboy has something unique to offer me, but I only have a week to discover if these gorgeous men have what it takes to blow my mind and win my heart.
    And when trouble comes calling, will I have what it takes to hold it all together?