I know I’m not supposed to have fantasies about my stepbrothers…but I can’t seem to help myself.

    The way I feel about Jared and Jamie is so wrong. Yes, they are gorgeous and perfect, but it can nothing can ever, ever happen between us.
    To forget them, I find another man and even go so far as getting engaged because I need a normal relationship that will lead to a happy, normal life. Except that isn’t what I get. My fiancé doesn’t turn up to our engagement party, and guess who’s there to pick up the pieces.
    Jared and Jamie hold my hand and soothe my heart, and they know other excellent ways to make me feel better. Even my wildest imaginings have never come close.
    It’s not until the next day that the rose-tinted specs fall away, and I realize that what we’ve done is so wrong.
    They can’t give me the happy-ever-after that I crave. My dad would never forgive us, and their mom would feel the same. All I have to do to fix things is keep my hands off their gorgeous bodies and forget how amazing they make me feel.
    The trouble is that our one-night stand might have left me with more than I bargained for, and I have no idea which of my twin stepbrothers is going to be a daddy.

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