My five stepbrothers love playing games…and I’m their favorite toy.
    When I fly cross-country, I’m expecting my dad to be at the airport to collect me. Instead, I’m faced with five huge stepbrothers who’ve tripled in size since I last saw them. Jameson, Jessie, and Joshua are triplets with wicked green eyes and bodies made for games. Their younger twin brothers, Kyle and Kameron are even bigger with piercing blue eyes and thighs so thick I practically swoon.
    They’re sexy as sin, but still the same assholes they were when we were kids. All they care about is football and making my life a misery with their practical jokes and snide comments.
    Then my friend Sara tells me I need to turn the tables. She encourages me to use my feminine powers to distract them from their games. She tells me the rumors she’s heard about them, huge things I definitely don’t want to know but keep me awake at night, aching.
    I’m not convinced until I give it a try and see the filthy gleam in their eyes. It’s definitely not the way they should be looking at their stepsister!
    Then I overhear Kyle and Kameron talking. They have a secret that is about to turn this game upside down, but I’m playing to win, whatever the cost.

    This is a standalone mega menage/reverse harem romance. It involves MMFMMM situations with a very happy ever after ending. Well, there are five men involved! It’s part of the Huge Series; standalone romances with lots of HUGE goodness to link them all. Read in any order! No cliffhangers. No cheating.