• huge games

    Finding three fake boyfriends is the best way to heal a broken heart…
    When I discover my boyfriend Eddie has a side chick, I’m humiliated and furious. But I dry my tears and pull up my big girl panties. I don’t want him back, but I want him out of my head and my heart. Time to turn to every woman’s medicine in a time of crisis: chocolate and cocktails.
    But my friends have other ideas. They tell me the best kind of healing is the hot, sweaty, toe-curling, mind-blowing kind.
    So, on a drunken night, I take a chance and kiss three hotter-than-sin men until my knees are weak and my pulse is racing.
    Dornan is huge and intimidating on the outside but has a heart of gold behind all that muscle. When I tell him what I need to heal, he’s happy to play along.
    I have a history with Elias, the cockiest alpha-hole I know. As my ex’s nemesis, he’s the perfect choice to rock my world and make me forget.
    And Travis is my best friend’s hot older brother. He’s sexy and mature and reads my body and my needs like braille.
    The three of them don’t seem to like each other, but they like me and the games I want to play.
    It’s all supposed to be fun and lighthearted, but things get real fast and I find myself drawn into a situation I didn’t anticipate.
    Is love ever a game worth playing? Or is it all too much of a gamble?

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