• HARD 5

    Five ruthless ranchers have bought my farm, and they want to include me in the deal.
    After Pa dies and I discover he’s mortgaged our farm to pay gambling debts, I’m forced to sell my home and only asset. On auction day, I watch my elusive neighbors, the Bradford brothers, buy the land that’s been in my family for generations. Left with nothing but the clothes on my back and a small bag of personal possessions, I risk sleeping in the barn for one night.
    That’s where they find me.
    Colt, Cary, and Cash are triplets with steely gray eyes and powerful bodies hardened by the land. Sawyer and Scott, their twin brothers, are dark and watchful, with big hands made for taming horses and driving cattle.
    I tell them it’s temporary, and I’ll be moving on, but they won’t hear of it.
    They offer me a job, and I take it despite the risks.
    Forced to live with them, I discover the five gorgeous brothers aren’t the ruthless cowboys I imagined they were. I’ve never been with a man, and suddenly five want to make me a woman.
    But I’m not the only rancher who’s lost out to the Bradfords, and when trouble comes calling, will our newly discovered passion and fragile trust be enough to keep us together, or will everything fall apart?