I’ve been invited to be the private masseuse for three hot-as-sin athletes. It’s paradise… until it’s not.

    A week’s stay at a luxurious house on the beach sounds perfect. I’m hopeful it will give me time to sort out my toxic roommate situation and chart a path toward the independence I crave. But giving rub-downs to former pro baseball players with incredible bodies proves to be quite the distraction.

    Justin is as easy on the eyes as he is easygoing. With his humor and charm, he acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but I find out otherwise during our late-night talks.

    Recently divorced Dominic is nursing a broken heart and a grudge against a former teammate who made his life hell. His kind eyes and ripped body make me want to ease his pain in every way I can.

    And when I’m kneading Tye’s stiff muscles, I long for his touch as much as he craves mine. Once I find out he plans to use his talent to help others, I have no choice but to fall for him.

    With every walk on the beach, soak in the hot tub, and increasingly intimate massage, I learn that there is so much more to these men than meets the eye. They have big plans, and they want me to join in. But will helping them reach their goals mean giving up mine?