• good girl for the bikers

    When three outlaw bikers call me their good girl, it makes me want to do bad, bad things.

    From the outside, our family was perfect. My father, a strong, god-fearing widower who gracefully married a single mother with a troubled son, and me, his dutiful and obedient daughter. But behind closed doors, he ruled with an iron fist. Father’s word was law, and I did exactly what I was told because it kept me safe and it was all I knew.

    My stepbrother Crash never learned that lesson. He was born too wild to keep his head down or his mouth shut, and I loved him for it desperately. Right up until we shared one hot, forbidden kiss—my very first—and father saw it.

    It was the last time I saw Crash. He ran and never looked back, at least not until now. Rolling into town on his motorcycle with a Screaming Eagles MC patch on his back and flanked by his brothers-in-arms, Preacher and Devil, he’s older, stronger, sexier and ready to raise hell.

    I’d expected Crash to get my blood rushing and my heart pumping—I never thought that Preacher and Devil would make me feel the same way.

    Preacher is sinfully seductive, confident like a stalking tiger. Even when his silky voice is soft, there’s no hiding the deadly steel underneath. He could tempt an angel into his bed, and I’m just a woman who goes weak in the knees when his lips caress my ear and he calls me his good girl.

    Devil is the kind of man who won’t ask why you need him to help bury a body, only how deep. His unflinching loyalty to his brothers in the MC makes me long for someone to feel that way about me. And when he does, he makes me feel like the center of the whole universe, worshiping me with the kind of skill that makes me beg for mercy and then go back for more.

    And Crash is the forbidden stepbrother who kissed me and vanished. As passionate and impulsive now as he was as a boy, he’s grown into a man who’s done running and is back to take what he wants—which is me. And when he does, he puts my naive fantasies to shame. He’s all in on life, and that includes our bed. Or anywhere else.

    My father has promised my hand in marriage to a man I detest, but Crash, Preacher and Devil aren’t having anything of it. They steal me away and then all hell breaks loose. Because my father has a fury of biblical proportions, my creepy fiancé has lethal plans all of his own, and when the dust settles, someone’s going down.