• Four x4 – four Series books 5-8

    You are invited to return to Four Points Island, where the men are big and strong and come in groups of four!

    This second box set collection includes:

    Four Steps
     – When Caz was a shy, awkward teen, her four stepbrothers were her world. After being gone for ten years, they’re back in her life, and they’re not looking at her like a little sister anymore.

    Four Good – A one-night hookup with three gorgeous brothers is exactly what Christine needed as she approaches her fortieth birthday, until their best friend shows up in the morning and turns out to be her ex-husband.

    Four Fun – Becca doesn’t want anything from men except physical pleasure, but things get complicated when she’s forced to move in with four brawny construction workers who want more from her than one night of fun.

    Four Always – When an innocent bakery delivery ends with Jade being surrounded by four hot male strippers, what hope does she have of resisting them?

    The FOUR series features relatable characters who unexpectedly find their happily-ever-afters in unconventional relationships. Each story stands alone, but there are character connections among the books.