• FOUR x4 – Four Series Books 1-4

    This collection introduces you to the small island town of Four Points, where the men are big and strong and come in groups of four!The box set includes:

    Four Play – When Maddy moves home to help out at her mother’s bakery, she comes face to face with the Harding brothers. As boys, they were responsible for the worst moments of her childhood, but now they’ve grown into irritating, hot-as-sin men, who decide they all want her.

    Four Kicks – Ready to settle down, Lacy resolves to stay away from bad boys and find a man who wants a family. When she takes a job working for four diehard playboys, she has a very hard time resisting temptation.

    Four Real – Bianca, who’s twenty-four and never been kissed, experiences the most embarrassing moment of her life — a public and very unexpected “O”. Her friends, the handsome Evans brothers, offer to take her on practice dates to help her get more experience with men, but things quickly start to feel very real.

    Four Keeps – Lucky Olivia is chosen to star on For Keeps, the nation’s most popular reality show, where she gets to date thirty eligible bachelors. But what happens when she refuses to choose just one man?

    The FOUR series features relatable characters who unexpectedly find their happily-ever-afters in unconventional relationships. Each story stands alone, but there are character connections among the books.