Twenty-four and never been kissed. Twenty-four and never been … anything else.

    After the most embarrassing moment of my life (a public and very unexpected “O” while riding on Logan Evans’ shoulders!), the Evans brothers offer to take me on practice dates so I can get some experience with the opposite sex.

    I should have known it was a terrible idea. I’ve been crushing on Cade Evans since the day I met him. Knox, Logan, and Ryder are like brothers to me, and I’m pretty sure all four men think of me like a sister.

    Then the kissing starts.

    And kisses are only the beginning. My “fake” dates with each brother feel very real. Things get even more complicated – and wonderful – when we all get together.

    With men as caring, protective, and gorgeous as the Evans brothers, I should have known my heart would get involved. I should have known things would never be the same between us.

    Then, just when I’m thinking there’s a chance their feelings could be real, it all comes crashing down.