• four play

    The four annoying boys who were responsible for the worst moments of my childhood have grown into four irritating, hot-as-sin MEN.

    I try to ignore them but they torment me during the day and haunt my dreams at night. Oh, and did I mention… they’re my stepbrothers.

    Adam, Matt, and identical twins Josh and Jake would be most girls’ dream – but not mine. Sure, they’re tall, dark, gorgeous, and successful, but I don’t want them and I don’t need them – at least that’s what I tell myself, until I spend one mind-blowing week at their beach house.

    We do things together I never even dreamed about, and I find out there’s more to them than meets the eye. But it’s just a game we’re playing, isn’t it? By the time I realize I need to protect my heart, it may be too late.