• four fun

    After I jokingly whistle at four brawny construction workers, they show me just how good they are with their tools.

    Life has taught me that trust is precious, so I rarely grant it. Men are great for one-night stands. Maybe a three-day weekend, if they’re particularly irresistible. Any longer, and things get messy — or worse.

    But when my apartment is declared uninhabitable after a big storm and I have nowhere else to go, I end up staying with the four men who make me question everything about my stance on relationships.

    Each of them gets under my skin … and into my pants. There’s gorgeous Shane, who thinks he’s the boss of everyone but lets me see his softer side. Khalil is always joking, except when he’s making me scream his name. Quiet, dark-eyed Marcos is full of surprises, and when things start to fall apart in my family, tender-hearted Devin is my rock.

    Before I can stop myself, I grow to love them all, and even worse — to need them. But the plan was never for me to be with them long term. Besides living in the same house, the men run a business together, and without meaning to, I seem to be jeopardizing the bond they share with each other.

    Our time together has been a lot of fun, but I won’t let myself come between them for something I shouldn’t even want.

    Four Fun is a reverse harem romance with a happy ever after ending. It’s book 7 in the FOUR Series, standalone romances with characters who continue to make appearances.