• four fantasies

    If given the chance, would you bring your fantasies to life?

    Alone for the first time after being married for twelve years, I never expected four younger men to tempt me with a good time.

    When I saw them dancing — and stripping — at Club Red, they filled my imagination with all sorts of filthy thoughts. The next morning, they turned up in my backyard as the landscapers I’d hired sight unseen.

    I’m wildly attracted to the men and their hard, toned bodies, and soon, I find out they’re interested in me, too. They’re doing the yard work my ex had neglected, and when they find out I’ve also been neglected, they make an irresistible offer to change that.

    Four fantasies, fulfilled by them. No strings attached. Who could say no to that?

    My first night is with Leo, the charming extrovert, whose sense of humor is topped only by his talent at giving me pleasure. When I’m too shy to reveal one of my deepest, darkest desires, he breaks the ice with a silly pizza delivery guy role play that quickly turns into very naughty fun. Turns out Leo’s mouth is good at other things besides talking.

    His brother, Troy, takes me to the beach, where I live out a longtime fantasy on a secluded spot in the sand. I was anticipating physical pleasure, which he definitely delivers, but it’s his attentiveness that makes me feel more seen than I have in years.

    The stunning and massive twins, Dante and Darian, team up for my third fantasy, which involves an extravagant night of romance beyond anything I’d let myself imagine.

    It all starts to feel very real, like it’s more than just some temporary fun, and I know I should put an end to things to protect my heart, but our deal included a fourth fantasy, and the men are intent on delivering … together.

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