• DEEP 6

    When I run into Tyler Evans at the car repair shop, I want to slap the smirk off his face.

    I’ve broken down on the way to a wedding when I’m greeted by the guy who ghosted me four years ago. He left my body deliciously wrecked and my heart uncomfortably bruised and if he wasn’t surrounded by five other hot mechanics, I’d call out his terrible behavior.

    But all the men at Deep Repairs are smoking hot, with bulging arms covered in grease and tattoos, and chiseled abs glistening in the summer heat.
    Arden, Able, and Andrew, are triplets who are more than three times the fun.
    Tyler is still the cocky bad boy who made me break all my rules.
    Damien is a gentle giant who can’t seem to look directly at me, and I’m pretty sure that dark-eyed Greg is the most dangerous of them all.

    They whistle at the damage under the hood of my car and tell me I’m not going anywhere for at least seventy-two hours. I’m mortified at the prospect of missing Connie’s wedding. But then Tyler offers to drive me, and when we’re done, he tells me I can stay in his room at their shared house until my car is fixed. No strings attached. At least, that’s the plan.

    They like to live life in the fast lane and do absolutely everything together! They’re great with their hands and even better with their tools, and stupidly, I want them to fix more than just my car.

    But Tyler’s already broken my trust once, and when six men want to get deep with me, facing up to the ghosts of my past might just be impossible.