• cloud 9

    My vacation Down Under is a bust until a bar-load of Aussie men offer to take me to Cloud 9!
    When my best friend shacks up with eight gorgeous tattoo artists, I decide it’s time to shake up my life. A ticket to Australia seems like a perfect way to find some desperately needed fun and leave behind the black cloud hanging over me.
    The cool beach bar I stumble into draws me in with its chilled music and boho vibe. But it’s the nine scorching hot men who own and run the bar that make me want to stay. When they offer me a job, I make it my mission to experience absolutely everything Cloud 9 has to offer. And that includes the owners!
    Bradley and Bryce are twins from Texas who cook up a storm in the kitchen and between my sheets.
    Lachlan, from Scotland, is quiet and brooding, and his touch stills my restless soul.
    Joshua and Jared are blond twins from London who’ve left the big smoke behind to indulge their love of surfing. They give new meaning to their catchphrase, ‘If it swells, ride it’.
    Thomas, Logan, Mitchell, and Cooper are hot, rugged Aussie men with laid-back attitudes and a dedication to exploring all my foreign territory.
    They go the whole nine yards to take me to heaven and back and are determined to make me their lucky number ten.
    But even though they show me how good they are down under… and over… and everywhere in between, settling down was never part of the plan.
    My YOLO tattoo makes me seem carefree and adventurous, but it’s there to remind me that imagining a future is dangerous. Getting the most out of life means moving on before my heart gets involved….and before I have to face up to my greatest fear.
    Or does it?