• bride for the bikers

    Doesn’t every girl dream of spending her wedding night with four hot bikers?

    I never knew my father, not even his name, and until Mom got sick, I thought it would stay that way. But an email address scribbled on the back of an old photo changed my life overnight. From the moment he wrote back, Vincent Mesner was an answer to my prayers. Paying for Mom’s treatment and rehabilitation, listening to my tear-filled phone calls, and then offering to fly me out to meet him for the first time.

    He never mentioned being a ruthless crime boss that owns half the town. Or what he’d demand in exchange for his generosity. Within forty-eight hours of landing, I’m a shell-shocked bride-to-be, waiting to say I do to a cruel-looking stranger he’s picked out for me. Because nobody says no to Vincent. Nobody.

    Except for the four equally scary—but a hell of a lot sexier—men who crash my wedding day, literally. I should be terrified when they take me hostage on their race out of my father’s casino, but all I feel is relief.

    When the muscular, inked twins Thunder and Lightning lead me to bed, fear is the last thing on my mind. Their teasing smiles promise double the trouble, and twice the satisfaction.

    Shadow, whose quiet, serious manner hides a troubled past that mirrors my own, never does anything without giving it his whole, undivided attention, whether that’s executing a plan, or driving me to the brink of ecstasy.

    And Outlaw, a pierced, tattooed rebel who seems angry at the world, but has so much passion and depth that just the heat of his coal-black gaze threatens to burn me to ash.

    But my new-found father isn’t the kind of man to accept when he’s been bested, and it quickly becomes clear that there’s no going back to my old life. I’m about to get pulled into a world I never knew existed, and the only thing standing between me and a future where all my choices are stripped from me could be these four unlikely heroes.

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