• billion dollar stranger

    I let myself be seduced by a stranger.
    Gorgeous and intense, the man in the bar carries himself like a king. He gives me what I think I want; passion, release, and a chance to wipe away past hurt. He takes what he needs, controlling me in a way I’ve never experienced before.
    I think it will be enough, but it isn’t. Even before he’s left my hotel room, I’m craving more.
    I don’t even know his name.
    But sometimes people are not who they seem, and when my stranger reveals his true identity, things get complicated.
    Rich and powerful, Aaron is a man who could destroy everything I’ve worked for, but underneath his dominance there’s something about him that draws me.
    Is it possible to trust a man who concealed his identity in order to possess you?
    Aaron has secrets that are wrapped around his heart and finding love was never part of the plan.
    But as I learn more about my stranger, resisting him might just become impossible.