• beast brothers vol 1 bundle

    This box set includes the first three Beast Brothers books, joining forces for your binge-reading pleasure. Three best friends — Megan, Zoe, and Tara — support each other as unconventional love turns their lives upside down. Each woman finds her happy ever after with two men who understand her, cherish her, and worship her in and out of the bedroom.

    Beast Brothers: When Megan dumps her cheating boyfriend, the last thing she’s looking for is another relationship — let alone one with the twin stars of her father’s football team. Can things get any more complicated? Add in the brothers’ mom being engaged to her dad, and Megan is going crazy. If only Brock and Cody Easton didn’t drive her mad with pleasure …

    Beast Brothers 2: Zoe is sure she doesn’t need a bodyguard, let alone two. But Alex and Lucas Wolf are professionals who will do whatever it takes to protect her. They spark a fire in her that burns out of control, and her heart is in danger … but the brothers have no intention of guarding her from their desire.

    Beast Brothers 3: Tara has always been the good girl who does what’s expected of her. Just once, she wants to be naughty. The last thing she expects is for her walk on the wild side to land her in a scorching-hot relationship with Deke and Jake Abbott, leather-clad biker twins. Her family absolutely does not approve. Will Tara risk everything for love?

    This collection features steamy scenes and kickass heroines finding ecstasy and love with men who’ll do anything for the woman who’s the center of their world.

    This set contains:

    • Beast Brothers: An MFM Ménage Stepbrother Sports Romance
    • Beast Brothers 2: An MFM Twin Ménage Romance
    • Beast Brothers 3: An MFM Twin Ménage Romance