Three mouthwatering Italian brothers, tempting me into forbidden pleasure …

    Can you really have too much of a good thing? After a disastrous dating life, I’m finding out it’s true when two gorgeous Italian brothers want me to choose between them.

    Matteo Bestia is my professor, and it’s no surprise that he inspires lust wherever he goes. Urbane, intelligent, and hotter than sin, he also couldn’t be more off limits. Fiero is a sculptor, tall, dark, and mind-blowingly sexy.

    I want them both – but they don’t want to share. How can I possibly pick just one?

    Then I learn the stunning truth: they have another brother. Things get even more complicated when I travel to Italy with them and meet Giovanni, a virtuoso chef and winemaker.

    He’s just as tantalizing as his brothers – and he soon lets me know that he’s equally interested.

    These wild, delectable beasts are everything I’ve ever wanted, and my heart insists that they’re mine – all three of them. The only choice I can make is not to choose.

    But is there any way to convince these extraordinary men that sharing is caring? And what happens when the people in their tight-knit Italian village discover our scandalous affair?