• beast brothers 4

    When I imagined my first time, I never thought it would be with four men.

    I’m focused on school, not relationships. Men are trouble, and I have no problem resisting them — until I meet Ben and Lucas at a party. They’re dark, gorgeous, and radiating the kind of magnetism that draws me like a crackling fire on a cold night.

    Imagine my surprise when I find out Ben and Lucas are brothers – and that they each have a twin, Braden and Liam. What’s more, all four gorgeous men are about to become my stepbrothers. My cocky, protective, sinfully sexy stepbrothers.

    And they don’t want to just be siblings. They want more from me. They want something that I’ve never shared with anyone, and they’re not shy about pursuing me. They go after what they want like untamed beasts on the hunt.

    Can I handle my first time being with not one, but four such primal creatures? Is it worth jeopardizing my mom’s newfound happiness for a few moments of pleasure?

    The brothers are irresistible, but I know better than to trust men, no matter how caring they seem or how good they make my body feel. I can have fun with them and keep my feelings out of it.

    Sure I can.

    Until I make the oldest mistake in the book – I fall for them. Just in time for everything around me to come crashing down.