• beast brothers 3

    After I spot the sexiest man I’ve ever seen — tall, ripped, tattooed, and impossibly gorgeous — I spend weeks fantasizing about all the dirty, dirty things he could do to me.

    When we finally meet, I’m ready for the hottest one-night fling ever — until he introduces me to his twin brother!

    Unlike my besties, I’ve always thought two men were too much trouble. But Deke and Jake Abbott, leather-clad biker kings, might just change my mind.

    They turn our one night into a pleasure-drenched weekend … and they’re not through with me yet.

    I’ve always wanted a man I can build a future with. My massive, muscled biker twins don’t fit with my corporate career … so why can’t I resist them?

    I should be saying No, but they have me saying, Yes, please, don’t stop!