When I auctioned my innocence to the highest bidder, I never imagined my three stepbrothers would be the ones to buy me.
    It was supposed to be about money. Sell my innocence, pay off my debts, and move on to a brighter future.
    But when I find out my stepbrothers are the ones who’ve bought me, things are suddenly complicated.
    I haven’t seen them for a decade. Now rich, powerful, dominant men, they want things from me that are more intense than I could imagine.
    Kylian, fierce and unyielding, wants to make me pay for the past.
    Nate was always my hero, but now he wants to leave his mark.
    Lyle, my childhood crush, has wickedness in his obsidian eyes, but the memory of our shared history lingers behind every touch.
    They introduce me to a world of dark desires and roleplay, and I become their willing victim. I pretend to hate what they do to me, even when it feels like I might break apart from the pleasure. I fight against every controlling touch, even as I ache to obey.
    Because as hard as it is for me to surrender to their will, I still remember the love we used to share, and I’m determined to make them feel it again, even if it breaks me in the process.

    This book was previously published as ROOM TWENTY-EIGHT.

    Auctioned to her Stepbrothers is a standalone billionaire romance with some darker themes.