He’s a good cop but a very BAD BOY.

    When gorgeous Officer Carlisle pulls me over for speeding, I tell him how sorry I am. That doesn’t stop him from telling me to step out of the car for a full-body search so he can check me for offensive weapons.

    I want to ask him if a hungry kitty constitutes an offensive weapon because, damn, mine just wants to eat him up!

    Those eyes should be enough to get him arrested; forget his cheekbones and delicious full lips that stay serious, even when I’m sassing him.

    And his hands. When he runs those rough palms against my thighs, I actually moan.

    Then he pulls out his handcuffs and…

    Okay, that last bit only happened in my fantasies later that night and pretty much every night since Officer Carlisle told me what a bad girl I was. 

    I thought I was never going to see him again until Mom told me she was getting engaged to her boyfriend, and you guessed it, Officer Carlisle just happens to be my sexy new stepbrother!

    That should make me think twice about being a naughty girl, shouldn’t it?

    Except, now my past is coming back to haunt me, and Officer Carlisle might just be the only man who can make this bad girl good.