• 10 MEN

    Could you handle 10 MEN?
    I’m about to move in with the McGregor brothers; ten of the most gorgeous men in the Northern Hemisphere.
    Ten! Yeah, I said ten.
    They’re the sons of my mom’s boyfriend who is the owner of the largest property development company in the state.
    I google them. Of course, I do. And I drool on my computer. I’m not ashamed to admit it. If you saw them, you would too.
    But then I pull myself together. They’re going to be my stepbrothers so lusting after their chiseled abs and sexy faces is just flat out wrong.

    But I can’t help myself when I meet them. It’s just overwhelming to be in the presence of SO MUCH MAN.
    Then I overhear them all talking about ‘the plan’ and I’m flabbergasted.

    Finding the one is hard enough…finding ten has to be impossible.
    Or is it?